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How do I place an order?

To place an order online, first choose the product type, vehicle make, model and year. Next, click the red button marked “FIND WHEELS/HUBCAPS”. A list will populate with the entire OE product line that comes factory on that vehicle.

Once you find the desired product, click the button next to the item, marked “CLICK FOR AVAILABILITY”. You will be directed towards an order page for the product, offering specifications, part numbers, and a larger image view. You’ll also find real-time inventory information, showing how many new, used, and reconditioned products are currently in stock. The first price is the suggested retail price for your customer. Hovering over the dollar sign in the green circle will bring up your cost in a small bubble. After selecting your quantity, click on the red button marked as “ADD TO CART”. You will then be directed to your shopping cart.

On this page, enter your P.0. number, fill out the appropriate information from the drop down menus, and double-check your order. After everything has been reviewed, click the button marked “SUBMIT ORDER”. You’ll be emailed a confirmation unless you opted for a phone call. We’re available by phone at 800-981-8321, Monday-Friday (8:00 am – 7:30 pm EST) and Saturday (8:00 am – 4:00 pm EST). Don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions.

Where are you located?

Blackburn's Hubcap & Wheel, Inc. - 1001 Paster Court, Macedonia, Ohio 44056

Do you sell used wheels?

Yes. We inventory new, used and reconditioned OEM wheels, center caps and wheel covers/hubcaps. All of our products undergo a 3-step quality control process before the item(s) are shipped. We pride ourselves in offering a quality product at a discounted rate.

Do you repair damaged wheels?

Yes. We have invested in specialized wheel repair equipment used to bring damaged OEM alloy wheels back to factory tolerances. We do not repair steel wheels as it is more economical to replace a bent steel wheel than to repair it. Please shop our large inventory to find a replacement steel wheel.

Will a refinished wheel from Blackburn's match the other wheels on my vehicle?

Blackburn's will match the finish and color of the wheel(s) to the original equipment (OE) specification of the auto manufacturer. Weathering and age may play a role in the condition of your current wheels.

How quickly can I receive a wheel?

Fast! If the item is currently in stock and your order is placed by 6:15pm EST., we will ship the item same day. If you are located within our local delivery network you could see your order same day(depending on what time you place your order). If we are reconditioning your existing damaged wheel the process will take 3 to 5 days plus shipping time.

What is your primary shipping method?

Our primary shipping method is FedEx ground service. Expedited and overnight service is available at additional cost. Most of our inventory is available for immediate release and will ship the same day as long as the order is placed by 5:00pm EST. See the chart above for FedEx Ground Service transit time. We also provide an in house delivery service for our local customers. In some cases, you might be able to receive your order same day. Please contact customer service at 1-800-981-8321 to find out if you fall within our local delivery network.

Do you purchase wheels?

Yes. We buy OEM stock factory original wheels. We purchase core wheels, used wheels, take off wheels and new product. We do not buy aftermarket wheels. No purchase is too large for Blackburn's! Please contact our purchasing department for details by calling 1-800-981-8321.

How do I know what finish I have?

Painted - The most common finish is a painted wheel which comes in a wide variety of designs. Painted wheels are sprayed or powder coated. The process of painting a wheel consists of prepping the wheel, priming, painting and applying a clear coat. This seals the finish against corrosion.

Machined - You can always tell machined wheels by the thin lines cut into the aluminum surface during the construction of the wheel. The lines, which resemble those of a CD, are sometimes so fine that they are nearly undetectable. The lines are what produce the rainbow effect that is customary with machined surfaces. Only the outermost surface of the wheel is machined and with some machined wheels, only a portion of the wheel is machined.

Polished - The most difficult of all wheel styles to identify are polished. They are generally very expensive and are constructed of the highest quality material. Some polished finishes resemble painted finishes, while others resemble chrome. Polished wheels have a lighter look and may not be clear-coated. Polished wheels that are not clear-coated have a much higher luster, but they require a great deal of maintenance. You will never see a metallic sparkle on polished wheels when viewed in bright sunlight. A polished wheel closely resembles silverware.

Chrome - The surface of chrome wheels is the most durable of all finishes. Although the chrome finish is thin, it is very strong and resistant to damage. However, in the colder climates, chrome has a tendency to peel due to salted roads along with the freezing and thawing of water. Most chrome wheel finishes resemble those of a typical kitchen faucet, which in most cases is also chrome.

Chrome Clad - The surface of a chrome clad wheel might look like a chrome wheel, but this wheel is actually an aluminum wheel backing with a chromed plastic facing adhered to it. The easiest way to tell if you have a chrome clad wheel is to tap on the front of it with your fingernail and listen. If it sounds like plastic, it's likely chrome clad.

Hyper Silver Painted - Dark

Hyper Silver Painted - Light

Hyper Silver Painted - Hyper Silver is a paint process that uses a metallic paint laid over a black undercoat to produce an extremely deep and shiny finish. Most BMW, Audi and Lexus wheels have been finished in Hyper Silver and now even domestic cars are using this type of finish for their OEM wheels. This finish is very hard to detect most of the time and can come in a variety of shades. The lighter version resembles the finish of a shark’s skin.

Do you guarantee your parts?                                                                                                                                                                        We guarantee that the parts purchased from Blackburn’s will be quality and meet your replacement needs. Each OEM wheel will properly balance with a quality tire, will not vibrate, and will fit the vehicle correctly. However, there is no road warranty, hazard warranty or liability on any wheel.

What's the difference between an original equipment (OE) wheel and a replica or aftermarket wheel?

An OE wheel is one that was originally installed on the vehicle at the time of manufacture. A replica wheel is a wheel manufactured to match the look and fit of the OE wheel, but not necessarily made or installed by the original manufacturer. An aftermarket wheel is designed to fit the vehicle but the appearance and performance will differ from that of the original (OE) wheel.

How do I determine what size wheel I need?

The size of the wheel will be stamped or cast on the inside of the wheel. For ease of identification, it is also available on the sidewall of the tire. It will be the number to the right of the "R". Example: P225/50R17; the 17 represents the wheel size.