Return Policy


Absolutely no returns or refunds after 30 days! All returns after 30 days will be processed as a purchase. Pricing will be determined upon receipt of merchandise.

Returned merchandise due to order error or customer cancellation is subject to a $31.50 restocking fee.

Blackburn’s must be notified of any defective product within 5 business days. Returned merchandise due to Blackburn error, including defective products, will be replaced or refunded at no expense to the customer. 

All return merchandise must be received in same condition as when sold to receive proper credit, including Blackburn errors, unless authorized by Blackburn personnel. Return policy is void if any of the following procedures have been applied: Tire mounted to wheel, product damage due to improper packaging or handling. (Foam protectant will protect products from cardboard burn, wheel scuffs, etc.)  

How to return a recent purchase:

(All Returns must be received within 30 days of purchase and Blackburn’s must be notified of any defective product within 5 business days)  

  • All returns must have a Return Authorization Number (RA #) – To receive an RA #, call 800-981-8321, dial ‘3 ’when prompted. Please have invoice number readily available.
  • Package returning product securely – Wheels must be packaged as received; utilize foam and plastic materials to protect wheel face (original packaging is acceptable).
  • Write RA # directly on the box to ensure proper and timely credit.
  • If returning a new wheel, call Blackburn's for a return label. DO NOT use the supplied pre-paid core return label found with packing slip, unless authorized and documented by Blackburn personnel. 

How to return a core:

(Cores must be returned to Blackburn within 30 days of purchase to receive proper credit)

  • Package core in the same shipping container as product was received.
  • Adhere the pre-paid return label found with packing slip.
  • Call 1-800-463-3339 (GO FEDEX) to schedule pick-up or hand to a FedEx driver. For local pick-up (NE Ohio), request a Blackburn’s driver by calling into 800-981-8321, dial ‘3’ when prompted.

Core charges will be refunded if the core exchange is received within 30 days of original purchase. Core exchange part number must match purchased part number to receive full credit. For exceptions and substitutions please contact a Blackburn’s representative. A pre-paid return label is included with the packing slip in all Blackburn wheel containers; shipping the core is the customer’s responsibility.


LIMITED WARRANTY: Blackburn’s sole obligation under this warranty is to repair or replace, any Blackburn’s product or to reapply refinishing service to a product delivered to Blackburn’s, which is determined by Blackburn’s to have been defective in material or workmanship provided by Blackburn’s. The original purchaser is responsible for installation charges and any incidental expenses associated with replacing or repairing the Blackburn’s product or service. Warranty Limitations: Any Blackburn’s product or refinishing services damaged under any of the following circumstances is excluded from warranty coverage:

  • Damage from: the use of clip-on balance weights, misuse, neglect, racing, curbs, potholes, improper installation or collision
  • Surface finish damage from stone chips or other road hazards.
  • Surface finish damage from the use of polishing or rubbing compounds, cleaners, abrasive materials or acid-based chemicals from auto washes.                 
  • Installation on a vehicle other than the vehicle for which the wheel was designed.
  • Repair or alteration of a Blackburn’s product or product with refinishing service by any party other than Blackburn’s.
  • Any finish damage due to neglect, corrosion and/or pitting due to exposure to salt (especially chrome.)
  • Discoloration as a result of cleaning the product while it is HOT (especially chrome.)

Eligibility: Limited Warranty covers all standard wheel refinishing services and the following products sold by Blackburn’s: original equipment refinished wheels, OE replacement wheels and manufactured and remanufactured wheels. Refinished chrome wheels carry Limited Warranty for 1 year. Refinished Wheel Covers carry Limited Warranty for 30 days on fit and finish (excludes used wheel covers). Lifetime Limited Warranty excludes used wheels. Used wheels are sold as is and are guaranteed to spin balance. Coverage is extended only to the original purchaser and the vehicle for which the product or refinishing services were originally installed. Proof of original purchase is required to obtain Limited Warranty coverage.

Warranty Disclaimer: This Limited Warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty applicable to Blackburn’s products and refinishing service. Blackburn’s disclaims all other express warranties and all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, to the extent permitted by law. No representative, or dealer or agent of Blackburn’s has the authority to make any representations, warranty or agreement on behalf of Blackburn’s with respect to any Blackburn’s product or refinishing service. No warranty of any kind or nature is made by Blackburn’s with respect to any Blackburn’s product or refinishing services beyond those expressly stated herein. This Limited Warranty is made under Ohio law and gives the original purchaser certain legal rights.

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